Thursday, April 1, 2010


1 April 2010

Cereal for dinner

I've spent most of yesterday and today trying to draw a line where I wanted it. Obviously I failed. These were not good days for science. The good news is I get a mini vacation for Easter, Friday and Monday, the not-so-good-but-then-again-not-bad-either news is that everyone back home gets 2 weeks vacation.

Still rainy-ish, windy and a bit chilly. Just a bit more chilly than my perfect temperature zone, but the wind makes it feel worse than it is.

I find that

clouds are

rather fascinating.

On the walls of the passageway

where strange fluids can be found.

My line wouldn't draw, my phone keeps shutting off, my offline gmail just crashed making me rewrite a paragraph.. but at least I finished my cereal without it exploding.

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