Saturday, April 10, 2010


8 April 2010

Almost there and back again

If going from college to the dorm by bus, one can see, far intto the depths of the horizon an IKEA. So since we need plates and shuch.. why not go there? So that we did, but by the time we were about 30 more minutes away, it was almost dark and the busses were about to stop coming. So we went back. 

Walking and walking and walking and ending up in some industrial area with silos all over isn't as fun as it might sound if it gets dark. So to make up for it I added more pictures from the days I skipped.

Super macro abuse

No longer medieval looking

In fact quite industrial

The clearness of the water still amazes me

Row row row your boat

Stray not from the path

A crane

This appears to be a photo of windows

I forgot where this was
Can you guess why I took this photo?

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