Sunday, April 11, 2010


11 April 2010

Up and over

There's a hill behind the dorm, a tall foresty thing with some sort of weather station at the top. There's a pair of binoculars on my desk, big, black and with some sort of optical system inside. The two would go great together as one might imagine, tall place, great view.

His name is Shazalazizar

Going up
The road up the hill was a twisty paved boring road, but it had some dirt paths to it higher up. Naturally those were the preferred option. There as an odd tower, a lot of trees and several signs hinting that the place was a military objective, or that the top was. The things had numbers counting down.

The top was closer than it looked, complete with a fence, so I didn't reach the building on top. Got 50 meters from it which was good enough. Dull thing with many dishes on it.

Cats. Stalking.
Ominous tower

Ominous stairs

Omin... average path

X marks the spot

I know what you're thinking, but it's a pony

Sights to see
The cathedral(St Etienne) dominates the landscape, it's by far the most massive thing you can see, and that really stands out from higher ground. It isn't the tallest thing though, as that would be the Tour de Garrison (it seems a fraction of the building it once was, it's basically a church tower without the church) . There was one other thing, a massive spike, maybe from a more modern church, I'm not sure, shaky hands and long distances provided inconclusive results.

In the distance invisible to the naked eye were some windmills, patches of forest, cars, people, traffic lights and so on.

As far as the augmented eye can see

Macroed moss

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