Saturday, April 10, 2010


9 April 2010

Money to be

Today we went to get French bank accounts so we can be given a housing aid by CAF. They seem to need some papers and a bank account to send it to us. It's a very nice system, and I think anyone can appy for a housing aid, based on the length of your stay, income and all that you get cash every month. Think my sum will be roughly 40 euros, though I'm not sure. That comes down to roughly a third of what I pay for my dorm room in St Quentin so it's all good.

Many things, and special offers require you to have a French account, including some handy phone discounts( I always wanted an Android phone), and this offer seems great. 1 euro for the first year, and a free mastercard to go with the visa I already have. I always wanted a mastercard too. It took about an hour to finish all the paperwork, and it'll take a few more days till I get the card. This opposed to another bank which scheduled us for a meeting just to open the account.

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