Friday, August 5, 2011

Fort Belle Croix

And it was continued

Having went over said bridge after a short while, and after briefly reentering an urban landscape to cross some streets I've arrived at my next objective: Fort Belle Croix. I was greeted by a statue of an eagle, placed there in thanks to the American soldiers which liberated Metz during World War 2.


I started along the nearby path, a gentle incline, and soon found myself dwarfed by the trees on both sides. I now find myself unable to put into words the scenery and how I felt. It was humbling, peaceful, and the path seemed to never end.

Good spot for an ambush

Of course it eventually did end, or to be more precise it turned right, leading into a fine array of overgrown ruined entrances to places whose original purpose I can only speculate on. Maybe I should read up on fortifications more modern than the middle ages. Another time maybe.

Plants prevented proper exploration

Where eagles dare
To my right, I noticed a path leading up on a hill. If it was a hill or part of the fortification, and if the trees were there out of landscaping intent or if nature reclaimed the area I am uncertain. I do know that the highest point provided an excellent view of Metz. I now remember that I wanted to return with my binoculars, but that wasn't to be.

Metz is built out of water, tress, history and amazing views

It's often the little things that surprise you, such as whatever the next picture was intended to be.

There! I fixed it!

I do not recall much, and the photos I still have aren't helping, but I vaguely remember eventually reaching some sort of sports area with several basketball and football(soccer) fields, before exiting the ruins and reaching a residential area. This area I recall disliking due to its rectangular apartment buildings, which contrasted in a most unpleasant way with the rest of the town. It reminding me of the unimaginative architecture plaguing my home town didn't help either.

Kept walking

I eventually found my way to Porte des Allemands, one of my favorite places in all of Metz. It was no easy feat as I remember going back and forth through that residential area trying to find a way out. And here as it happens my entire set of batteries ran out. Just as well as I intend to devote a future post to the fortified bridge.

No battery lasts forever