Sunday, April 11, 2010


10 April 2010

Furniture and the stuff of weird uncles

Finally went there. Bought a plate and chocolate and a sandwich. The difference is that this time i went by bus not by foot. Never been inside any ikea, and I can't say I'm unimpressed. I would have bought a chair but I decided it would be too big of a hassle to take it back by bus, carry it across streets and into another bus and find room for it in my small room.

I've bought some binoculars as well. Why? because I always wanted some and because they were cheap. Now I can stare at all sorts of things that are far away. I hope nobody saw me while I was testing them out the window. Why? because of the dorm building across the courtyard.

Part of the river next to the university island has some metal pipes hanging over the water. People in kayaks went around and around them today. I heard that there's some form of contest every summer, so they must be practising for it. Should be fun to see.



Sometimes they would open the.. hmm.. things..
and water would rush in

And then everybody would have fun


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