Monday, April 5, 2010

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2 April 2010

Pictures pictures everywhere

There are many churches in Metz, and these churches have may details. Gargoyles, horses, pigs, demons and even the dog-dragon thing from never-ending story make up the intricate fa├žades of these buildings. Some statues have what appeas to be interesting symbolism, and one ruin/tower/church thing even has mentioned on its info-panel that it was built with some type of stone just to add a subtle political message to it. If that's the case I can only begin to wonder at what the real meaning of some of these things are.

Should they be standing on those?

Yes that's a pig

And those are a horse and a cow

Standing on people

I didn't know that phoenixes were churchly

A dragon and people holding faces

Faces faces everywhere

There's a mill, and the door is locked. That's about it really, not much else to add, but it does have a nice little are next to it with ivy infested walls and an arch.

I spy

Of course there were swans in the way

A wild mill appears

But getting to it isn't that easy

Inspiring almost, but not quite

If someone would tell you that the branches of trees are cut in a straight line, you'd call them a liar, if they'd show you a picture you'd say it's photoshopped. But it's real, and a bit odd really.


The centre being renovate

The joy of not being limited to 30 or so photos

I can't recall exactly where this was, but I could probably find it again


How to properly blend old and new
Water lady
Urban art done right

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