Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Walygator Park - Photos

About time

First thing's first
And that would be the first photo. As it was one of the first days of the season, there weren't many people there. That may or may not have anything to due with the fact that it was raining. Less people translated into shorter ride lines so I'm not complaining.

The crowd goes wild

The mascot, a wrinkly crocodile with his name tattooed on his waist (not the best example for impressionable youths) had a pirate and a pirate wench as sidekicks. I've seen better, which I'll expand upon in a later post, and I've seen worse (Barney, Teletubbies, etc) and I have no doubt that I'll see both better and worse in the future.

I just want to be your friend

She doesn't seem very impressed

Long John maybe?

'Lesser' attractions
The tame stuff was as one would expect, rather tame, a house of horrors which had a little too much light inside, a Ferris wheel to give a good view of the whole park, much like one of those rocking boats which I don't have a decent photo of, some smaller rides for little kids and so on. 

Of course there were the wet rides: in short a lot of floating about and splashing and general wetness. Did I mention it was raining? Did I mention that was no deterrent? Good. I'll let the imaginative reader summarise why there are no photos of these. 

It could have been darker

Great view from up there

The park had a small petting zoo with small cute fluffy animals, I imagine the crocodile must eat too, getting new mascots all the time would be rather costly in the long run.


There was also a degree of human powered entertainment complete with setting people on fire and jumping off platforms.

I think he was just bored and was having fun

Burning man

What goes up
Roller-coasters. Never went on one before, and was almost sure my breakfast would part ways with me half way through. If it did, I wasn't the one to notice because I was preoccupied by all the fun I was having.

Back then there were only 2 'real' roller-coaster rides, now there are three, sadly I didn't get the chance to return after the third was fully set up. A wooden one: "Anaconda", and a more modern one: "Waly Coaster". And through the magic of wikipedia:

NameRestrictionsTypeMaximum HeightLengthMaximum SpeedManufacturerBuiltDuration
Anaconda> 120 cmWooden roller coaster36 m1200m90 km/hBill Cobb19892:30
Family Coaster> 92 cm when accompanied by an adultBig Apple4m132m15 km/hPinfari2007No information
Waly Coaster> 120 cm.Hurricane24m590m65 km/hVekoma19891:25
The Monster> 150 cm.Inverted roller coaster40m1200m90 km/hBolliger & Mabillard20102:28

Waly Coaster in one word is: fun. Except that one turn where it slams your face against the seat. But you learn to anticipate it. I've expertly pilfered a video from youtube to demonstrate, though the ride seems longer if experienced in person.

Fun Fun Fun Fun

There was a central crashed ship, not very aligatorly

Anaconda: if you were ever curious how it feels like for your skeleton to vibrate and for you do be bludgeoned by your own internal organs this is the ride for you. Needless to say I couldn't get enough of it. More youtube snatching was involved.

The first drop was the scariest

From whence ye came
Going back, emptiness, and a train.


Lines converging to a single point