Sunday, March 21, 2010


19 March 2010

Swans shooting and stuff

I've noticed I haven't taken any pictures of swans so far, which is a bit odd as the place is crawling with them. Took the opportunity to do so when one came near the shore expecting food. That's about it really.






Close again

A nice quiet park

Nice quiet water

Branches at night

Our college accounts are still non-operational so no proper internet yet, but we did manage to assist in the calibration of a high speed compressed air cannon. Meaning I mostly watched. The thing managed to shoot a copper cylinder at over 700 Km/s into what appeared to be a box of laundry. It only dawned on me that this might be dangerous when everybody started taking cover behind walls and equipment before firing.

About a week passed, a working week so I figured it's high time I note down some impressions.

The good
  • people are polite and helpful
  • public transportation is efficient
  • if you're staying long enough for it to be worth getting a mobile subscription you can get a lot of phones very cheap
  • most food, including coke comes in preservatives-free flavour
The bad
  • almost no free wifi
  • calling home with roaming is cheaper than by pay phone
  • prepaid cards are 20 euro and come with a 5 euro charge which only works for a week
The ugly
  • I have a project I need to finish back home via email and it's taking longer than expected
  • Two other people I've worked with in the past have contacted me about some projects
  • I need to update yet another project of my own
  • I have the project here

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