Thursday, March 25, 2010

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25 March 2010

Coding, cooking, cleaning

More coding was done in the lab, which is good news. The deadline moved from 3 months from now to 3 weeks from now, which is so-so news, the thing as I understand it so far I think I can finish, the things after... I'm not sure. The faster it's all done the more time I have to see France I guess.

Also an amusing journey of a data file happened between whatever macs use, open office calc and exel. Of course the mac to excel transition didn't go according to plan with some data getting messed up, good thing for open office.

More 'cooking' was done today, as far as pre-sliced fries can be called cooking. I was voted into the honourable position of plate cleanser, which quickly resulted in another mental note: become rich and hire someone to do the dishes or buy a dishwasher. Not using any dishes or eating tools of any shape would provide a cheaper alternative, must remember to weigh pros and cons.

I had a conversation with the lady in charge of the rooms. And by this I mean she had a conversation with me. I'm not exactly sure what she wanted so I did some tidying up in my room just in case. Actually that's a lie.. I'll do that now.

Since nothing much which is worth talking about happened, which also doesn't involve technical details, I'll just upload a couple of super macro shots.

Dew drops

Not sure what this was for

So I took another picture just to be sure

This isn't super macro, but oh well

Moss was on everything

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