Thursday, March 18, 2010

Almost work


Of the path, papers, technology, and tragedy.

Also the first post I write on the day of the described events.

The way
A new way, a better way, the right and wrong way. I of course mean of a faster route to campus. Shorter and about as fast as the bus, not to mention a lot cheaper - less money on the bus means more money for Disneyland - this new way comes with a great view, trees, water, bridges, and an abundance of commas to make up for my poor descriptive skills. Along the way one can find ducks, joggers and graffiti. Then again ducks, swans and crows are all over the place, so that does not come as a surprise.

Strange puddles, Most days involved negotiating
the insides of this passageway


Most roads will either take you over or under a bridge

What is this doing in this post? It's nowhere near!

Most  All roads lead to the Cathedral

The above picture was pointing left, this is pointing right


Birds, with either nests or parasitic plants,
probably parasitic plants

A nice rendering job on the water

This made me laugh

There were many joggers and many types of assorted water vehicles

Keep walking

The dorm is in the distance

'Modern' railway ruins

Unsettling, yet relaxing

College stuff
Turned in the last of the papers before the great lunch break, and got my student ID card after lunch. It has a horrible picture of me, the college name, the school year, my name and birth date and the college coat of arms. Only thing I have against it is that the coat of arms has silver on silver, which as far as I know is bad heraldry. 

While there I also got my user and password for the school computers. With those I can print, use the internet and pretty much everything else that uses a computer. Too bad they don't work yet, hopefully tomorrow, but who knows. While on the topic, part of the software needed for my project got installed in little over 2 hours. Having a netbook capable of a 10 hour battery life wth wifi on, comes at the price of no CD/DVD player so I was provided with an external one, which is part of the reason installing finished after the person installing had to go home.

To add to the things I like about France, when it's quitting time people leave. It makes perfect sense, why stay when you're not paid, but they're very punctual about it.

During the great lunch break we wanted to go to a nearby IKEA, if it really exists. There's some construction work going on so some buses are a bit detoured. This of course roughly translates into walking in circles for a while trying to find the right bus. That wasn't the problem, the problem was that the bus didn't really stop an any of the stops... which meant more walking in circles. All this until one point, where I took directions not my own, got on a bus against my better judgement and ended up in the outskirts of Metz. I'm not sure if the 'I told you so' was worth the price of the ticket going all the way back.

The worst thing since I got here happened, and it happened in my fridge. The jar of pickles was toppled over and all the vinegar leaked out. I hope the little darlings won't dry up.

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