Sunday, July 31, 2011


Things were seen

Things were going well, unacceptable by modern standards, and naturally a tooth decided to disagree with me on its rightful place in my mouth. Some googling, asking around and 20 euros later, our disagreement got settled. This settlement was of the temporary persuasion I'm afraid, as it would claim a lot more than 20 euros as tribute in the coming year. Another time another story.

Out came my map to navigate my way back to the dorm when a curious marking caught my eye some distance to the north. It seemed to look like a wall, not any wall, but the fortified kind of wall. I decided to investigate. The way to it was rather uninteresting, but there were fish and a pigeon. No sooner had I got to said wall, that I immediately regretted not seeing it earlier.

Many large fish were seen this day

I wanted to take a picture of it in flight

The wall and its towers were in decent condition, as tall and as thick as you'd expect them to be, wonderfully surrounded by lush vegetation and clear water. Most things in Metz are surrounded by lush vegetation and clear water come to think of it. Must be why I like the place so much.

Sturdy and worn

Built to last

There were even scenes that reminded me of home. Clearly the French were learning a thing or two about preserving their history from others.

Is a caption really necessary?

Eventually after going north, I started going south, the wall was protecting a peninsula. After a while I decided to look on my map, and after doing so I decided to turn back and cross a bridge I had seen. There seemed to be something promising further east.

Path along the water
Something tells me this bridge used to be more impressive

And because there is much more to say I shall say it another time. To be continued...