Monday, August 29, 2011

Jardin botanique de Metz

Botanical garden

259 photos
At least until the battery ran out. And by battery I mean both sets. It's been a while since I've had so many photos to chose from for a single post, but it's understandable as it was a sunny day (to be read: unbearably hot) and routes taken were not taken before, assuring a remarkable collection of new things to see.

The dam was lowered that day, the one between Ile du Saulcy and Ile Chambriere, and people were having a decent amount of fun. This is clearly putting your town's river to good use.

The stage is set

Blue player

Green player

The scenery was a lot more rural than expected, there were less houses, less people, and more grass. Though the houses were probably secretly hiding behind a line of trees. If it appears natural and peaceful then it is natural and peaceful.

The grass is greener

Geese are rude loud and violent birds. They made a huge spectacle of themselves and chased swans off a stretch of grass in what I can only assume was a territorial gang war. Swans had the water around the cathedral, geese had their stretch of land, and some form of black birds had the channels which housed several (permanently) 'parked' ships.


 There were several large ships stationed in a narrow canal, from the looks of them and the people around I can only assume that they had been converted into housing.

One of several

Amusingly enough the road was called Rue du Canal. A very practical name.

Nature all around

Complete with birds

And other things
The garden itself is disappointingly small, about the size of a small park, but it's well taken care of and has numerous plants which more than makes up for it. I've picked out a handful of photos out of the hundreds, there are only so many plants one can look at online before getting bored.
A wall of houses all around

I believe that this path runs mostly lengthwise

The obligatory roundabout

The main greenhouse

Swimming birds live here

If there is a pond, there are coins in it - Murphy's Law

A selection of birds was present

Is cacti the plural of cactus?

Whatever this is it looks scary and alien

Think I added this one by mistake

A poem as lovely as a tree

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