Thursday, August 18, 2011

On the road to Strasbourg


The trip to Strasbourg was to compare the results of the assigned project with the results of a commercially available program. That went perfectly. 

On the way there I saw TGV 001 (Train à Grande Vitesse 001) the first TGV prototype commissioned in 1969, and which began testing in 1972. The machine lay on a bed of gravel in Bischheim, but was probably still more advanced than currently functional trains in other parts of the world.

TGV 001

Of Strasbourg I haven't seen much, but what I've seen were storks. Many storks. As Metz is up to its chin in swans I assumed that Strasbourg must have the same problem. I then began wondering if each town in France has its own theme brid.

One stork

Many storks

And the European parliament 

On the way back I snapped a few more photos and took a short video.


On the way back, I saw (but took photos this time) what I heard was the Smart car factory. It had a tower of cars out front so what else could it be?

Once you pop...

Another photo for good measure

Changing scenery:

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