Friday, August 12, 2011


Bridge of the dead

A rather uneventful time period, but on this day both ducks and Pont des Morts were seen.

A curious door
 I can't recall the specifics so I've taken the liberty to have a look over some wiki pages. Apparently the rather grim name is in connection to the Saint-Nicolas hospital. Either that or people sentenced to death by drowning were thrown off the bridge.

A wooden bridge was originally built in 1267 and the stone bridge was built between 1282 and 1343, with additional arches being added between 1422 and 1513, due to erosion. It seems that it was restored between 1813 and 1847 during which two arches were removed. Two more arches were destroyed by the German army in 1944 but rebuilt between 1955-1957.

The plaque on Pont des Morts
 I don't have any pictures of the exact flood level, but I'm fairly certain that at one point the water was so high it covered the arches.
And a view from below

Complete with historical flood levles
And to conclude:

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