Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Centre Pompidou Metz


It had been under construction for quite some time, so when it finally opened Centre Pompidou was big news. So big in fact that the waiting line was over an hour, possibly two or three. But after you've waited so long you need to justify it by waiting even more to actually get into the thing.

Centre Pompidou, a day before opening

3 hours from this point, if only I could remember
 how many already passed 
The building was as much a piece of artwork as anything inside it, blending wood, cloth, glass and steel, open spaces and curiously shaped rooms and levels.

Wood and cloth

Glass and steel
At one point there were dragons outside, I managed to take a quick video and snap a photo.

A dragon?

Due to reasons best left unexplained regarding me and maps, I found that still have the brochure:


The think I liked was that the floors were basically giant boxes. You can see them sticking out the sides in the first photo.

The general outline of the floors

The outline of the individual floors is fairly non-standard as well.

Going up

And upper

A great day was had that day

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