Saturday, July 23, 2011


The leaves, they whisper to me

Of the hill behind the dorm I've spoken earlier, if I have not then I shall do so once more. A mound like any other with trees like any other and marked by paths most common and well traversed, crowned by a strange edifice with stranger devices still (most likely a weather monitoring station). Upon these paths upon the hill I walked at one time taking photos of various plants with various degrees of greenery, until before me lay huts most unsightly, and the thought of their contents hastened my return. Upon my return my eyes beheld a deer much to agile for my clumsy camera, and a balloon courteous enough to pose briefly.

Mangled bushes

Mangles trees

Mangled trees and bushes

A fence surrounding nothing

Nothing but hot air

Just another brick in it

There was also a wall.

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